Model Airports Frequently Asked Questions


Q: So what exactly do I get when I order an Airport Diorama?

A: What you get is a PDF file with 77 tiles (foils) ready to be printed, trimmed an assembled.


Q: So what exactly do I get when I order a Building plan?

A: What you get is a set of plans (instructions) and building faces to construct an Airport Building.


Q: How difficult it is to construct a Terminal building?

A: If you can build a box in Balsa Wood, you can build a Terminal building. The frames of the buildings are constructed using Balsa Wood. After the frame (box) is built, then you glue the “faces” on them.


Q: What type of paper should I use to print the Airport Tiles (foils)?

A: For the Airport Tiles, I recommend using a High Quality Matte Photo paper, the thicker the paper, the better. The matte paper makes the diorama look much more realistic. I have had good luck with Jet Print Photo Graphic Matte Paper. I get mine from eBay.


Q: What type of paper should I use for the Terminal buildings?

A: For the Terminal Buildings I recommend using a Premium Glossy Photo Paper. Because most of the building faces are supposed to be glass, the glossy paper works great.


Q: What kind of glue should I use for the paper?

A: I recommend using a glue stick. This is because some papers are more porous than others, and liquid glue may cause the paper to bubble-up.


Q: What kind of glue should I use for the Balsa Wood?

A: I recommend using cement glue for wood models (the fast drying kind). This type of glue can be found at your local hobby shop. If not, any type of cement glue (such as UHU) will work fine.


Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: I accept payments via PayPal.


Q: How long does it takes to get my product?

A: All products on this website are digital downloads. What that menas is that after payment, you will get a link to download your product. The links are good for 48 hours. No physical product is ever shipped.


Q: I didn’t get the email with the links. What now?

A: First check your SPAM filters. Sometimes e-mails get caught on these filters and you don’t see them. If after about 10 minutes you have not received your links, Contact Us immediately so we can check the status of your order.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: No. All sales are final. Since you cannot physically return the product, we do NOT give refunds.